Antony Lorca, Ashton Montana

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We try to be fair to our guys who are about to experience their first bottoming session.

So we try to match them with one of our experienced tops with an average-sized dick.

However, when we suggested a few names to Ashton Montana, he made it clear, he wanted big and beautiful no holds barred.

So in keeping with his wishes, Luke called up Antony Lorca to take up the honor of being Ashton’s first on-screen partner.

Lucky Anthony gets to pop Ashton’s anal cherry.

Both guys are extremely tall at around 6 ft 7 inches in height, otherwise, the guys are more complimentary.

Luke’s filming here today is very free-flowing and natural, relying on the guy’s natural and mutual attraction to lead the way.

There is none of the normal carefulness or timidity that we sometimes get in a ‘1st’ scene and Ashton truly seems to relish being fucked by Antony’s big, cut dick.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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