Marc Ruffalo, Phil Jarreau

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Sexy young stud Marc Ruffalo and Phil Jarreau are seated on the sofa making out kissing passionately and feeling their way over each other’s tight sexy bodies.

Phil gets down on his knees and guides Marc’s already fully erect cock into his mouth until it chokes the back of his throat making Marc moan with pleasure.

Expert cocksucker, Phil licks and kisses Marc’s big thick uncut dick working his tongue down to his cum filled balls and all the way back up to his big foreskin covered mushroom cockhead.

As Phil expertly blows Marc, he is checking out Phil’s ass slapping him hard on his ass cheeks with the palm of his hand.

Marc parts Phil’s ass cheeks with both hands exposing his tight boy hole.

As Phil lies back Marc gets to work on his smooth asshole, getting his tongue deep into his ass crack rimming his hole.

Phil jerks his big young cock Marc presses home his big thick cock into Phil’s well-lubed asshole.

Marc is gentle at first but soon begins to ramp up forcing his erect cock deeper and deeper into the bottoms tight hole, as Phil’s moaning increases.

Phil can feel every inch of Marc’s expert fucking moving inside of him and he just loves it.

Marc pumps away until his balls are slapping against Phil’s ass cheeks in long strong strokes.

Then they switch up positions with Phil on top taking control and hovering over Marc’s solid erection and guiding it down onto Marc’s waiting-dick.

Phil grinds his bubble butt, feeling Marc’s large cock enter his hole and then slip in fast until he is right in up to the hilt. Phil moans incessantly as he is close to orgasm.

The quickly change positions with Phil on his back for a further short ass pummelling before Phil unable to hold off any longer finally blows, spraying jizz all over his ripped abs and chest in multiple volleys.

He’s quickly followed by Marc who showers Phil’s ass with his cum, then fucking the cum back inside Phil’s freshly fucked ass.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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