Serge Cavalli, Niko Vangelis

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We are privileged to be able to see into the wonderful world of BelAmi Land, where everything is always perfect, all the horny young men guys are always on the hunt and always ready for it.

Our sexy young tour guides Niko Vangelis and Serge Cavalli take us on a journey into this sexual Shangri-la, when they hook up in part due to their mutual friendship with the otherwise unidentified secret ‘Tom’.

They’ve met up earlier in the park, where Serge manages to convince Niko that they should return to his apartment where they can find some more fun things to do.

Of course, as with all young pups of their age, their list of fun things involves plenty of passionate kissing, big uncut cock sucking, and hardcore bare bubble ass fucking.

Serge is going to bottom today, well we are in full fantasy mode, aren’t we?

He has a wonderfully calm and understated persona who never tries to hog the spotlight, and he is probably equal to Marcel Gassion when it comes to displaying such a lovely vibe.

As we had Marcel bottoming last week for Ariel (here), you can take a look and let us know who you think bottoms the best?

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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