Tom Pollock, Joel Birkin, Andrei Karenin

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Sexy young stud Joel Birkin slides his short pants down his huge erect uncut cock already outlined. As he whips them off his massive hard dick bounces into view.

Tom Pollock and Andrei Karenin are both shocked by the size. “It’s even bigger than in the picture!” exclaims Andrei.

First to dive down onto his hands and knees and grab ahold of Joel’s monster cock is Tom, he’s not quite sure where to start given the startled look on his face.

Holding it at its base Tom runs his tongue along its full length before getting his tongue wrapped around his big pink mushroom cockhead and thick foreskin.

Tom cannot swallow it whole, there is just too much length and girth.

Andrei has a better chance and he joins Tom stretching his mouth wide to receive Joel’s thick dick. Both young men run their lips up and down from tip to balls making Joel moan loudly with pleasure.

Joel then returns the favor first sucking Tom then blowing Andrei.

Andrei then bends over on all fours as Joel forces his raw uncut dick between his smooth ass cheeks and balls deep into his hot asshole.

Moaning incessantly Andrei can feel every inch of Joel’s huge erect cock as he pushes forward and pull back in a steady fuck rhythm.

Joel power fucks Andrei almost bringing him to an early orgasm on a number of occasions but the expert lover knows when to slow things right down and when to speed up again providing maximum pleasure to his bottom.

Next up is Tom who grimaces as Joel enters his hot hole for the first time. After a few minutes, he seems to get into the flow and presses his ass backwards onto Joel’s rampant dick.

With Joel’s cock still deep inside Tom, Andrei is first to cum, firing a huge volley of jizz into Tom’s mouth.

Joel then pulls out and blows his full load over both Tom and Andrei’s faces giving them a big cum facial. They lick up his cum before a final kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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