Mark Sullivan, Bobby Noiret

What more fitting a start to Sex Safari than an opening on the glutinous beaches of Cape Town, and our 2 stars, Bobby Noiret and Mark Sullivan are out for a bit of a run to start their day.

Although the beaches are beautiful, the water is almost as cold as ice, the boys decide on the hot tub, rather than a dip in the ocean to get their blood flowing.

Bobby is the top in today’s encounter, and after some slow sucking and deep rimming he gives Mark the fuck of his life. READ MORE

Kian O’Connor, Sven Basquiat

Today we have a stong, silent Hungarian in Kian O’Connor making love to our gregarious Czech, Sven Basquiat.

Right from the beginning here Kian exudes a dangerous edge and we were a little concerned that he was in the mood for some rough sex and that Sven may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Of course the worries were unfounded as Sven seems capable of handling almost anything, and the pounding he gives Sven is probably his best performance yet. READ MORE

Peter Annaud, Jeremy Robbins

Today we have our 2nd scene with newbie Jeremy Robbins. Back in October you enjoyed seeing him with Bastian Dufy, and his scene partner today is the boy with the beer can dick, Peter Annaud.

On Peter’s last outing we saw him bottoming and topping Marcel Gassion, but today he will be foregoing the bottoming role and topping our newbie. Peter defines things correctly when he says that’there is life before Peter, and then there is life after’. READ MORE

Blake Mitchell

Our photo session today brings our latest chapter of An American in Prague to a close as Blake Mitchell gets ready for his flight home to LA.

As this was literally taken on the morning he flew out, we didn’t have time to film the customary JO at the end of the session, so we asked Blake to film one for us in LA and send it over.

What we didn’t know was that Blake has chosen to change his hair color in the meantime. READ MORE

Andrei Karenin, Maori Mortensen

Andrei Karenin’s little masquerade as a photographer does not last all that long today and almost as soon as Maori Mortensen has his clothes off Andrei has his big cock in his mouth.

Maybe he was just helping him get hard for the photo shoot, but what happens next is definitely not a normal part of a Belami photo shoot.

While Andrei probably has the more defined body, Maori has it on him in size, and together they make a fantasy ‘jock’ couple. Maori is the bottom here today, but Andrei still can’t seem to keep his hands off his fat cock and bouncing balls. READ MORE

Jarrod Lanvin, Jeroen Mondrian

When it comes to appetites, some of our boys have the biggest ones around; both for food and for sex.

For Jarrod Lanvin both desires seem interchangable when he comes home from the gym starving and finds that the only sausage he can eat is firmly attached to the crotch of Jeroen Mondrian.

Although this is obviously a scripted opening, the boys truly devour each other throughout the encounter, with some very intense cock sucking and ass eating before Jeroen finally gives Jarrod what he wants, his hungry hole eating up everything that Jeroen can feed it until he finally shoots a massive load of appreciation all over his buddies chest. READ MORE

Nils Tatum, Steve Skarsgaard

Looking at Steve Skarsgaard’s body you can tell that he spends a great deal of time keeping in shape.

What you can’t tell by the body is that Steve has a special weak spot for the smell of a man, and quite often goes to the gym wearing his buddy’s shirts…. just so that he can keep smelling them while he works out.

Today though Nils Tatum has a better option for training than the gym as he directs his submissive buddy is a very personal exercise regime that involves a lot of fucking, sucking and rimming. READ MORE

Brandon Harper

Since so many of you said that you would like to see Brandon Harper again when we gave you his casting earlier this year we decided to bring him back for a photo session.

Our very sexy Hungarian is again in a very cheery mood, full of smiles, laughs and charm.

Brandon is still at university, but we guess he also spends quite a bit of time in the gym working on his body.

Today he is a bit hairier than he was in his casting, but we hope that you will agree that it just helps make him even sexier. READ MORE

Gino Mosca

With all of our most popular models, we keep a few little surprises in the archive so that we can highlight the guys later on.

This week it is the turn of Gino Mosca to return to the spotlight with this photo session.

Handsome, charming, funny and sexy, Gino was for quiet a while one of the most popular guys on the website and a member of our original KinkyAngels team.

See gorgeous sexy ripped young twink Gino Mosca wanks his huge uncut cock to a massive cum load here! READ MORE

Hoyt Kogan, Felix Gaul

Although Felix Gaul has been on the site since 2015, this is the very first scene that we filmed with him and we have been hanging on to since then.

His partner today is the talented and handsome Hoyt Kogan who regularly features in many Top 10 of BelAmi lists.

Felix stats out here quiet shy and more than a little nervous, but Hoyt does his best to make him feel at ease.

Felix joins a very exclusive club of guys to lose their virginity to someone as special as Hoyt. READ MORE