Bradley Wade

Bradley Wade is a straight, young lad with a nice slim body who is packing a surprisingly big, uncut cock and lucky for us he isn’t afraid to show it off.

This week Brad is back for his first-ever manhandling and I’m the first man to wank his huge uncut one.

Oiling up his body and exposing his hairy hole, I tease it with my finger before I flip Bradley over to get my hands on his meaty cock.

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Lewis Hampshire

Lewis Hampshire is a tall and toned, straight footballer who did a photo shoot for us on Fit Young Men and is now appearing in his first solo video.

Lewis is brilliantly confident and not shy about showing off his slim, smooth body and his secret and slightly unexpectedly massive, uncut cock.

Lewis can’t keep his hands off his package and playing with himself.

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Finn Wright

Finn Wright is a young blond lad with a brilliant physique. He played loads of football during his teens so he has strong footballer legs which are all covered in a blond fuzz.

Happy and laid back, Finn enjoys showing off his body and gives us a great tour.

Finn is really inventive showing off his hairy hole in some new positions in this shoot.

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George Hirst

Young, straight and blue-eyed, 18-year-old football player George Hirst is back for his first video and he is looking totally relaxed with a nice tan and a ripped body for his video.

eorge is one of these laid-back guys who doesn’t mind whipping his kit off and flexing his muscles. He has nice toned legs from plenty of football practise with a hot six-pack!

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Howard Saracen, Chris Little

Straight young and athletic lad Howard Saracen is back this week and paired with the notoriously naughty Chris Little.

Chris has been gone for a while and in that time grown his hair long and got himself a nice tan while keeping his body looking fit.

Howard is toned with a nice six-pack, handsome features, a big uncut cock, and strong footballer legs which come handy when he is pounding Chris’ arse in this shoot. READ MORE

Tom Stevens

Tom Stevens is a young man who played lots of football and when he was sixteen he started going to the gym and added a little more muscle to his already ripped body.

Now at nineteen he is a young man with a fantastic physique and I think he has also been training his other big muscle.

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Leon Daly

Leon Daly is a young footballer who enjoys showing off his body and large uncut cock and lies back in a very relaxed style showing off his smooth body and pumps his cock til he cums a nice load on his abs.

This is a set of photos that was lost on a drive failure back in 2011 and having recently recovered the drive this is one of a handful of shoots that were lost.

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Danny Davis, Dominic Moore

Straight, young footballer Danny Davis is back this week for the ultimate straight boy experience as he gets fucked for the first time by another guy.

And the lucky boy doing the dead is our resident favourite big Dominic Moore who is also losing his man-fuck virginity today.

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Jack Stewart

Jack Stewart is a young straight man who is very comfortable taking off his clothes and what a great body, tall and lean and just back from holiday he is really tanned with a lovely peachy white bum.

We first saw Jack when he modeled for our sister site here.

He enjoys his shoot showing off his big uncut cock and puts on a great show letting us see his almost hair free hole.

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