Jack Keaney is a young, straight and confident lad with a nice athletic body, peachy bum, footballer’s legs and an impressive, uncut cock.

Jack doesn’t even have to touch his cock to make it hard and goes hands-free swinging it side-to-side and he has a long rock-solid erection in no time.

I take a good tour of Jack’s smooth, slightly tattooed body with lots of muscle poses to show off his muscular physique. READ MORE


Today we pair together the two Jacks, Jack Harper who is really relaxed about being naked, and messing around with another guy, and Jack Ashton who is a confident young lad too.

These guys start off on the bed in their undies, grabbing each other’s bulges and fooling around each other, before you can blink both cocks are out, both uncut and they hold each others, hardening in each other’s hands. READ MORE


Hard-working Hunter Hay is an extremely horny, young, straight lad who gets a great idea on his way to work when he finds out he’ll be the only one in, and decides to film himself having a wank.

Hunter slowly strips out of his labourer clothes and caresses his muscular body while keeping one eye out for anyone passing by.

Hunter gets rock-hard straight away and whips out his huge uncut cock and pumps it. READ MORE


Sam Dillon is a young athletic man who spends much of his summer on the beach and as you can see his body is tanned and toned and his hair bleached blond by the sun.

He is soon naked showing off his long uncut cock, loads of poses of him showing off his hairy hole and all this play and he is soon lying back and squirting a nice load of cum on his abs.

Well done Sam, another straight lad only too happy to show off for us. READ MORE


Young skateboarder Jimmy Harris returns this week and is feeling very adventurous having agreed to pump his hole with a dildo for the first time.

Lucky for us, I brought the whole toy box along and Jimmy is very opened minded so makes his way through four different dildos.

His ass gets a good pounding as Jimmy wanks his huge uncut cock with plenty of oil with the full range of dildos.

When he climaxes, wow, he squirts all over himself. READ MORE


The young, energetic and muscular Will Fletcher returns after first appearing on EL two years ago, and he is looking fitter than ever.

Will has been going to the gym regularly and has an impressive physique with big arms, strong legs and ripped abs.

Will is one of these open-minded straight lads up for experimenting and surprises himself when he pumps his tight, slightly hairy hole with two dildos. READ MORE


Tyler Henshaw is a young straight lad with few boundaries and so was really up for his first video with us today.

Tyler is slim with brilliant blue eyes and a few tattoos on his smooth body.

He shows off his slender physique and his nice smooth hole in lots of positions whilst he wanks his uncut cock which shoots up to a massive hard erection.

Tyler needs a wee mid-shoot, so I film him in the shower urinating whilst hard. READ MORE


Handsome hunk Logan Brown returns this week for his first-ever man suck, and he’s paired with the young stud, Dominic Moore.

These two are really relaxed together on camera and Dominic does a great job of showing off Logan’s defined body, and has Logan butt naked in no time.

Logan returns the favour and the hot duo are straight to wanking each others’ uncut cocks to big throbbing erections. READ MORE


Straight, hunky lad Finn Wright is paired with young, flirty straight pup Dominic Moore and these two hit it off really well.

The handsome duo are naturally playful together and have fun teasing each other.

It’s not long before their hands are in each other’s pants and they’re wanking each other’s big uncut cocks.

Both lads are looking in great shape and even better when they have a big cock in each of their hands. READ MORE


Blue eyed young footballer George Tanner strips down to his soccer kit, they drops his shorts to show off his Spandex undies and a huge crotch bulge.

George’s big uncut cock is soon rock hard and tenting his underwear.

He releases his dick jerking it with an intensity showing on his face as he unloads powerful spurts of hot cum all across his abs and chest. Great work George.

See hottie young soccer player George Tanner strips down to his tight Spandex undies with a huge crotch bulge here! READ MORE


Hugo Janes is one young straight stud who has boxed all his life and so is in fantastic shape with ripped abs and a nice smooth, toned body and pert bum.

Hugo enjoys being naked and is keen to get his clothes off in just a few minutes and we see his big cock and huge dangling balls and slight bush.

Hugo wanks his cock to a big, hard erection and pumps it different positions before he gets comfy on the stall and power wanks until his cock explodes all over himself. READ MORE


Ryan Collins was worried about doing this shoot, he had become comfortable doing solo shoots but the idea of another man touching his cock was about as far away from his bucket list as is possible.

After a lot of gentle persuading, he came round the idea, he kept his eyes off his cock while Dom’s hands were on it and released all the tension with a nice cum shot at the end.

Well done Ryan I didn’t think you would do this. READ MORE


Carlos Garcia is a young athletic straight lad who is happy to show off his hot body and nice cock for all to enjoy.

Carlos whips his clothes off in minutes to reveal his toned, fit body and ripped abs.

Carlos spits on his hand to lube himself and starts wanking his cock until he is rock solid, and wow, it goes so hard.

Carlos has a little fuzzy bush and slightly fuzzy hole.

Comfy on the stall, Carlos pumps his cock fast until he explodes all over himself with an impressive cum shot, soaking himself. READ MORE


Straight personal trainer Cristian Filotti shows off his great physique and today you can enjoy him showing us his tanned and toned body, hairy legs and great abs and once naked his long uncut cock comes into view.

It doesn’t take much attention before his soft cock is fully hard and when Cristian is erect his uncut cock stick straight up like a missile ready to launch.

He shows off his body and after a good wank, he stands up and fires loads and loads of cum all over the floor. Well done Christian, I think you more than enjoyed that a little. READ MORE


Jimmy Harris is a straight athletic lad who does a lot of cycling and skateboarding so keep naturally fit with a nice muscular build.

Jimmy has stunning blue eyes and blond hair with hairy legs and a hairy hole, and lucky for us is happy to show it off.

After giving us a tour of his fit body, Jimmy reveals his most impressive muscle – his huge 8-inch uncut cock and pumps himself until he is rock hard. READ MORE


Jack Keaney is a guy who is confident about his body, and rightly so.

He was quickly at ease on our sister site FYM here, and decided to shoot further, showing off his smooth tattooed body, athletic physique and mighty uncut cock.

He has a great smile and attitude, very easy to photograph and he has a slight cheekiness about him, which I like.

He plays with his cock and wanks it, showing off his body as he does so, ending up in quite a cummy mess. READ MORE


Charles Collins is back and today he lets straight hunk Joel Jenkins wank his big uncut cock.

Charles lies back and enjoys a great body massage, then his uncut cock gets manhandled and before you know it Charles is erect and he hasn’t done a thing himself.

A great shoot with Joel getting naked and taking full charge of Charles.

It is not long before Charles is lying back shooting his load, Joel also unloads his cum on his abs. READ MORE


Alfie Payne is a tall, athletic and handsome footballer with muscular legs, defined abs and fuzzy blond body hair.

Alfie does a great job of showing off his body and does a little mini work out for us before his two footballer friends join him to help him strips out of his clothes.

Alfie then starts playing with his uncut cock until he gets rock hard and he pumps his massive erections nicely.

Mid-way through his shoot, Alfie’s two friends make another appearance, only this time naked and the hot trio wank side-by-side. READ MORE


Young, muscular stud Logan Brown returns this week and is in for a treat as he wanks another man for the first time, and it’s straight lad Jack Montague who he gets to play with.

The hot duo have fun taking off the other’s clothes and, as both used to box, they have a playful fight together.

After exploring each other’s muscles and naked, Jack takes the lead and pumps Logan’s uncut cock until Logan returns the favor. READ MORE