Troye Jacobs, Zach Astor

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Sexy young studs Troye Jacobs and Zach Astor love early morning sex when the day is just beginning and night turns to, day.

Blonde cutie Zach reaches down to touch dark-haired twink Troye’s soft cock which springs to a solid erection at the slightest touch of Zach’s fingers.

Zach strokes Troye’s dick gently and fingers his smooth ass hole with a finger.

Troye gets his mouth close to Zach’s big underwear crotch bulge tagging at the fabric trying to free his stiff young cock.

As he releases Zach’s huge dick and he jerks his own throbbing tool he then goes in sucking Zach’s dick right to the back of his deep throat, gagging when its big mushroom cockhead hits the back of his throat.

And he just sucks him with even more enthusiasm.

Zach soon gets Troye into a 69 position so he can rim, tongue fuck, and deep-suck him while Troye keeps going down on him.

It’s not long before Zach flips Troy on his tummy and goes from tonguing his hole to filling it with his cock.

Playtime is over as Zach pounds him and lies on top thrusting into the moaning bottom relentlessly.

Troye continues to take it hard as Zach drills him from the side and shows no sign of easing upon him.

Finally, Zach turns Troy on his back to keep up his intense fucking as they’re face to face and in a locked gaze.

Zach really wants to make Troye cum, even as he’s edging himself closer.

So just a Troye wants, Zach lies back and strokes himself to give Troye a mouthful of cum and a facial.

This, plus Zach’s dick in his mouth pushes Troye over the edge and he shoots his load over himself in an intense orgasm.

In little time they’ve eased into a tranquil state of satisfaction…now this is how to start your day off right.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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