Andrew Hayden, James Welbeck

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James Welbeck returns today with Andrew Hayden. Andrew has agreed to give James an all-over body massage which will obviously include some attention to James’ big uncut dick.

To relax James some more, Andrew also gets naked and he is soon rubbing and smoothing away the stresses in James’ thick legs when we see James’ cock starting to raise its head.

Soon both straight boys have raging hardons. James is still a bit unsure but he’s ok when Andrew wanks them both together.

After some dueling with their hard dicks we get some close-ups of James’ hot ass hole.

I am surprised that James’ cock is as hard as Andrew’s but they are both rock solid.

Then the guys settle into a side by side wank before James lies back and lets Andrew wank him until he shoots some huge impressive loads of cum from his big uncut dick.

Good job Andrew, James seemed to enjoy his first manhandling.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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