Andy Lee, Hayden Harris, Jay Hall, Leon Oliver

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Four straight studs get together around the table for a bit of a competition.

When Andy Lee drops his pants and flops out his massive uncut dick, two of the others Hayden Harris and Leon Oliver can’t believe their eyes and are a tad bit hesitant to expose their own uncut cocks.

Eventually, the guys settle and compare cock sizes with each other. By now some of the guys are still soft, another is almost fully erect and the other is on the way somewhere between.

The lads enjoy comparing and teasing each other about their body parts; Jay Hall is as hard as a rock from the start, slightly embarrassed, though decides it’s best to just show it off and shame the others into also getting hard!

Most body parts are compared and they all come in for close-up ass shots, all of them slightly hairy, some cheeks spread very wide!

A little more competitive wanking next to each other and J is first to shoot, followed by Andy who does another unbelievable cum shot; Leon slips his out quickly followed by Hayden!

Wow, how much fun can four straight lads have!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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