Jerry Manson, Henry Kane

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Straight young dude Henry Kane climbs mountains and is super fir with a ripped muscular body and a big thick uncut dick.

He’s been on quite a journey since his first naked video and today he wants to try a bit of assplay with a dildo.

Henry is super relaxed these days in front of the cameras and as he strips naked his soft uncut cock rises to attention fully erect at just a light touch of his hand.

As he jerks his balls jingle-jangle between his legs and his thick foreskin flaps back and forth as he goes from balls to tip and back again.

Then he lies back on the bed with his legs in the air, applying some lube then he probes his hairy hole slowly edging the sex toy inside.

As he gets accustomed to having a foreign object up his asshole he wanks harder and faster.

Then he is joined by his cousin Jerry Manson who plays around with him, videoing the horny events with his phone.

After all the excitement Henry is ready to blow, he wanks with nice long strokes and then sprays his load all over his abs so that it is dripping down from his hand.

Both action man climber Henry Kane stripped off his mountaineering kit for our sister site here and Jerry Manson who ripped off his climbing hear posing nude where he proved very popular with fans.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

All the English Lads updates right here!

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