Evan Knoxx, Shane Cook

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Having a social media influencer partner Shane Cook has never been a fan of filming his sex life for the masses however husband Evan Knoxx manages to persuade him with a series of horny advances.

With the camera rolling, Evan swallows his man’s thick cock and spreads his cheeks for Shane to tongue his tight hole.

Moving into the living room with a ring light in hand, Evan opens his legs to be filled up with his man’s girthy meat.

A focused Shane watches as his dick disappears in his husband’s hungry ass with Evan gasping at every one of his bareback thrusts.

Now on his back, Evan is covering his body in his own impressive load moments before Shane pulls out to blast ropes for all of Evan’s adoring fans.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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