Mason Lear, Maxx Monroe

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Gaycest says: Bearded daddy Mason Lear’s huge hard dick raw fucking son Maxx Monroe’s virgin asshole.

So, let me tell you something about my dad. You’d call him Mr. Lear. I promise to God that he’s got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. I think it’s so hot. Would it surprise you to know that my dad is aware of my lust for his dick? Well, you see, my dad and I don’t keep secrets from each other. We’ve shared so much in the past—workouts, jockstraps, and now… our time.

My dad knows every single secret of mine, and I know his. My dad also knows that I like to watch him enjoy some ‘alone time’ in his room. I know he’s thinking about me while he closes his eyes and massages his perfect daddy cock. How, you may ask? I can hear him moaning my name from the other room!

Technically, my dad does not get a whole lot of ‘alone time’ in his bedroom. That’s because I know what hot, sexy solo action is happening in there, and it drives me absolutely wild. I can’t help it! I’ll drop everything that I’m doing and make a beeline down the hallway when I realize what he’s up to.

My cock is at full-staff, nearly bursting out of my boxer-briefs by the time I get to the bedroom door. I probably should feel dirty watching him jerk off, but he’s too beautiful to be ashamed of. Really, it’s my dad’s sexy sighs and gentle, but intense stroking of his cock that compels me to touch myself.

All I could do was stop and stare. My dad is so fucking hot; I adore everything about him. Especially when in mid stroke, he slowly opens his eyes and casually invites me to come and join him! If you think I’ve ever, or would ever, say no to my dad, you’re wrong. I never could deny him anything he wanted.

How could I? Each time I slide onto the bed with my dad, his hands go immediately to my painfully hard cock. My dad gently massages my dick in the exact same way that he massages his own. Now I know why my dad smiles every time he jerks off—it feels incredible!

And yeah, his handjobs are amazing, but my dad gives the absolute best blowjob. He plays with the underside of my erection with his warm, wet tongue and somehow my dick gets even harder. If my cockhead could make noise, it would be going off like a fire alarm!

But before my dad makes me cum, I quickly trade places with him on the bed and put his savory daddy dick in my mouth. I really want to please my dad and swallow him all the way down, but admittedly it’s kinda a labor of love sometimes. He’s just that big. But either way, I’m seriously addicted to my daddy’s dick.

In all honesty, I immediately get so turned on because my dad loves it when I suck on him. I know that it’s one of his very favorite things, in fact—he always tells me so afterwards. It makes me feel special.

This time after I sucked my dad real good and got him all slick and wet, I went ahead and straddled him. I sat right down on his big dick. I get to feeling so full with my dad all the way deep inside me, which is easily one of my very favorite things. And my dad knows this, too, because I always tell him afterwards. Always.

There’s so many postions that we end up fucking each other in, and, despite the number of times we’ve played, I swear he keeps finding new ones. He savors every moment that I’m in his arms, crying out his name as he goes between tenderly making love and animalistically fucking my brains out. He always leaves me delirious when he makes me cum as he’s powerfucking me on my back.

In the end my dad always launches a big ole wad into me. He gets so pumped up when he gets to watch his daddy load ooze out of my butthole. Can’t help but smile every time I think about it.

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