Aiden Garcia, Kane Fox

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Aiden Garcia and his boyfriend Kane Fox have been splashing about in the pool all afternoon.

Aiden calls Kane who’s relaxing floating on an inflatable pink flamingo, he has a surprise for him.

The boys head off back to the house. Aiden is moving back to South America and won’t see Kane for a long time.

Aiden hands Kane an envelope, Kane proceeds to read that Aiden has been accepted for school in Las Vegas.

They kiss and make out passionately. Kane lies back as Aiden sucks his cock, in long slow up and down movements.

Licking and sucking the whole length of his young cock.

Kane gets on his knees and returns the favor blowing Aiden’s twink dick balls deep.

Pushing Aiden down onto the sofa Kane open his legs and gets his tongue in deep between Aiden’s ass cheeks rimming his hot hole.

Aiden moans as Kane pushes his hard erect dick into his hot bubble butt ass hole.

They fuck in a number of different positions each time Kane bareback fucks his raw dick deeper into Aiden’s asshole.

While Aiden’s hole is filled with Kane’s huge twink dick he spews cum all over his abs and chest while Kane fucks him harder and harder until he also blows cum all over them both.

They both end up in a sticky cum mess.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Gay Porn Star Peter Prinz
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