Eli Bennet, Reece Jackson

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It’s a gorgeous day at the park; so, Eli Bennet decides to take Reece Jackson out for some much-needed volleyball practice.

After a few missed balls, Bennet finally resorts to some tantric tactics, telling Reece if he hits the next ball, he’ll get a kiss.

The unconventional, cock stretching tactic works AND brings the boys back to the house for another form of ball play.

They kiss like lusty lovers while mutually masturbating one another, before Bennet bows down to get at that dick.

He polishes pretty boy’s pole perfectly before ordering him onto his back for a ferocious face fucking.

After cramming dick down the dude’s throat, Eli bends the boy over to taste that smooth, pink pucker.

He eats ass like a boy possessed while smacking the bubble butt a few times for good measure.

Reece looks back and says, “let me ride you.” Eli has NO objections, and our boy bounces on that bone like a pro, as Bennet bangs his hips up hard to meet him, with hole-hitting pleasure.

Bennet gives his bottom a nice reach around before getting a bone of his own.

Reece rams his volleyball coach like an animal, as Eli tosses his head back in bliss.

Ever the control freak, coach Bennet gets back behind the boy and breaks that booty sideways.

Jackson turns, and tells his top, “I’m gonna cum.”

Feeling deliciously dirty, Eli asks him to, “cum on my face.”

Our guy gets just what he asks for, and then some, receiving a mouthful of milk.

The warmth flowing through him causes his own juices to jut out, and he covers his angelic, alabaster skin with a boy bust.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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