Alejandro Marquez

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Sexy young muscle dude Alejandro Marquez shows off his amazing upper body in a tight muscle tee flexing his big well-developed arms and chest.

He’s a super good-looking fella with about two days of stubble growth on his chin and a hot mustache.

Alejandro smiles furtively as he touches his face knowing that he’s a hot property and burning with that inner body heat.

As he lifts his t-shirt up we a line of fur all the way from his crotch to his chest, gorgeous.

Alejandro reaches a hand inside the waist of his jeans and runs his hands up to his well-built chest, smiling and willing us on.

He’s packing quite a crotch bulge down there as he undoes the button of his jeans, we see he’s wearing Emporio Armani white briefs.

Alejandro slides his sexy undies down revealing his thick uncut soft cock for the first time.

At the slightest touch of his hand, it jumps to attention, getting fully erect like a rocket in seconds.

Alejandro slaps his thick dick onto the palm of his hand a number of times and it lands with a slap, it’s a powerful size.

He relaxing into wanking it gently at first, getting more intense as his balls bounce around between his legs.

He moans quietly at first but as he works his big uncut cock his breathing and moaning increase with intensity.

With his cock in hand Alejandro turns around to show off his bubble ass with a light down of soft fuzz.

He reaches around and pulls his ass cheek apart so we can see his hot pink hole.

Now he slows his wanking down a touch as he pulls back on his thick foreskin exposing his big purple mushroom cockhead which is coated in precum.

Stroking his thick uncut dick faster and harder he knows that he can hold off no longer and with a few gasps he orgasms spraying a huge jizz load across his hairy stomach and chest.

There’s so much cum that it drips down from his hand and body as Alejandro relaxes and his heightened state of sexual feeling falls away in that wonderful post-orgasm feeling.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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