Alex Mecum, Benjamin Blue

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It’s another wedding and Benjamin Blue’s mom is planning to marry again for the fifth time, but what she doesn’t know when she sends him to check on his stepdad-to-be is that they’ve been having an affair.

Benjamin’s pleas for Alex Mecum to marry him instead fall on deaf ears, but Alex agrees to one last blowjob for old times’ sake.

As Benjamin is on his knees sucking Alex’s cock, they almost get caught by the bride, but that doesn’t stop Benjamin from pulling down his pants and baring his hole to entice Alex into fucking him.

The groom undresses his future stepson and rims his hole, then fucks him up against the wall.

Alex bends the bottom over a table to fuck him doggy style, and Benjamin rides Alex’s cock.

The top fucks him on the table until Benjamin cums, then fills him with a huge creampie.

Alex won’t agree to Benjamin’s final appeal to cancel the wedding, but the sneaky bottom has a plan.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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