Blaze Austin, Aiden Ward

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Blaze Austin can see his best buddy Aiden Ward is upset when he arrives home.

It turns out that Aiden has lost his job and he is freaking out.

To calm his nerves Blaze offers him a few magic sips of his secret elixir of smooth, soothing brains, Himbo Juice.

Okay, it’s just water, but with the power of the placebo effect, Aiden starts feeling super relaxed… and super horny.

The guys start making out and sucking each other’s cocks in the kitchen, and then Blaze bends over with a foot up on the counter as Aiden fucks him doggy style.

He rides Aiden on the floor, and the horny himbos fuck missionary till Blaze shoots his load, and Aiden cums in his mouth.

That Himbo Juice really works.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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