Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton

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Young slim blonde dude Jesse Bolton is at home alone standing in a window playing with a big dildo when he is interrupted by his stepdad Jax Thirio.

“Oh! What are you doing? Asks the shocked Jax. “I’m practicing,” replies Jesse, with a huge sex toy halfway up his hot asshole.

Jax manhandles the young twink off the window ledge and onto the floor.

“What will the neighbors think? Jax demands.

Not with Jesse on all fours he makes his way to where Jax is sitting on the bed.

“I know how you look at me sometimes,” Jessie says while flirting with his sexy eyes.

Jesse undoes Jax’s jeans, saying “I can see that you are hard too”, as he releases Jax’s thick almost erect dick and gently sucks it until it is a throbbing erection.

Now with Jax fully hard, Jax pushes his stepson onto the bed and parts his smooth peachy ass cheeks with both hands getting his tongue in deep licking his hot boy hole.

Jesse moans as he feels the sensation of Jax’s lips on his ass hole.

Jax then pushes his big cock all the way into Jesse’s tight bubble butt ass hole making him squeal with delight,

With Jax lying flat on the bed with just his white socks on Jesse climbs atop and forces his hot hole grinding it down onto Jax’s thick dick.

Jax power fucks Jesse’s sore ass changing up positions a number of times getting deeper and harder as Jesse comes close to orgasm.

Jax pulls out and showers Jesse’s hole with his cum before fucking his jizz back inside while Jesse blows a huge load all over his smooth stomach and chest.

Jesse lies there with a quiet smile of satisfaction he’d been dreaming of Jax’s dick and a bare fuck with his hot stepdad sure beat a rubber sex toy.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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