Johnny B, Trent Summers

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Sexy step daddy Trent Summers is watching over his stepsons for the weekend.

While Roman Todd and Johnny B are in the kitchen in just their tight sexy undies, Roman sprays the younger Johnny with water.

Johnny B heads out to the pool and is minding his own business relaxing in the sun when Trent steps into the pool naked with a huge raging hardon.

As Johnny turns around he is confronted by Trent’s massive erection and he can’t keep his eyes off it, his own soft cock awakens and quickly tents his red swim shorts.

Johnny and Trent retire to the bedroom and Johnny lies there naked sucking Trent’s big cock gagging on it as it hits the back of his throat.

Trent pushes Johnny’s legs up over his head so he has direct access to his hairy ass cheeks.

He runs his tongue up and down Johnny’s ass crack getting it in deep into his hot hole, before he fingers it with his thumb.

Johnny just can’t wait to feel Trent’s big dick sliding inside him.

As Johnny wanks his own cock, Trent bareback pummels his ass hole in a hard rhythmic raw fucking.

The sexy guys switch up positions a number of times each time Trent’s big dick getting further into Johnny’s hole until Trent’s balls are slapping on his ass cheeks.

The bareback fucking continues until Johnny can hold off no longer and shoots a huge stream of jizz across them both, he is quickly followed by Trent who sprays Johnny’s hole with his cream before fucking the cum back inside his raw ass.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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