Roman Todd and Jackson Reed

Jackson Reed is live on cam when Roman Todd joins him in the kitchen. Jackson convinces Roman that they should fuck to get their numbers up and Roman agrees. Without missing a beat, Roman and Jackson lock lips as their hands make their way down each other’s shorts.

Jackson is happy to find a big stiffy in Roman’s bulging undies and immediately drops to his knees to get it in his wet mouth. He sucks and slurps Roman’s hard cock, working every inch of the extra thick shaft before Roman returns the favor.

The muscle stud gets down in front of Jackson’s swimmers body and takes his girthy cock in his mouth. He slowly works his way around to Jackson’s ass and opens the stud up with laps from his tongue.

When Roman is convinced that Jackson is ready for dick, he stands up and slides his hard rod deep into Jackson’s backside. Jackson wants to watch Roman plow him and turns around to lie on his back as Roman keeps up pounding his prostate.

With Roman pumping in and out, Jackson can’t hold back his urge to bust any longer. He blasts his cum all over his chest and quickly gets on his knees one more time to take Roman’s load on his face.

Roman is happy to give Jackson his reward and covers him with a river of cum that runs down his cheeks and onto his panting, sweaty body.

See Roman Todd and Jackson Reed fully exposed here!

See Roman Todd and Jackson Reed fully exposed here!

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Brian Bonds, Riley Mitchell and Blake Hunter

Blake Hunter discovers that guys in his building are being filmed without their consent. He enlists the help of Brian Bonds, and the two go to ‘The Super’ of the building, Riley Mitchel, to find some answers.

Brian and Blake quickly discover that Riley is behind the whole secret perverted operation. To show how upset they are, the duo pins Riley down and pull off his clothes. Brian gets deep in Riley’s ass to probe it with his tongue as Blake continues to hold the crooked Super down.

Blake wants a taste of Riley’s sweet ass and takes his rightful place behind him. With Blake’s tongue buried deep in his hole, Brian opens his pants and sticks his cock in Riley’s mouth. Brian can see that Riley is ready for his ass to be filled with cock and lines up behind the stud.

With Blake’s cock down Riley’s throat, Brian slides his shaft deep into Riley’s crack to spit-roast the tatted hunk. Blake pulls out his phone to record the threeway and then takes his turn plowing Riley.

Now, Riley wants to get his dick wet and shoves his cock into Brian’s hungry ass to fuck him hard. The stud pounds away until he blasts a load all over Brian’s fuzzy ass. After seeing all that cum, Brian and Blake are ready for release and stand above Riley to cover his face and beard with their thick, creamy loads.

See Blake Hunter, Riley Mitchell and Brian Bonds fully exposed here!

See Blake Hunter, Riley Mitchell and Brian Bonds fully exposed here!

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Christian Ferrari

Christian Ferrari is a tall and muscular young lad from Italy, he’s sporty and works as a PT and it shows in his impressive physique, he has a strong body, built upper body decorated with some tattoos, and there’s even more to be impressed about when he pulls down his underwear, his cock hardens and is a massive length and thickness, this lad is well endowed.

He wanks it for us, showing it off and his big balls too, including showing off his lightly hairy hole, before unloading a nice load of cum for us over his abs

See Christian Ferrari fully exposed here!

See Christian Ferrari fully exposed here!

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Fratmen Sky

As we see Fratmen Sky is already an accomplished golfer with a good handicap. He’s into grown up pursuits and he has girls falling at his feet. Although he is very much the alpha male straight man he doesn’t mind the idea of being seen as something of a gay icon. Well he admits to getting off on the fact that gay men find it erotic as he slips out of his sports kit and into the shower. 

Of course like all boys his age he’s got one hand on his dick at all times. He pumps out a quick load and then head out for his day. Catch Fratmen Sky jerking in the shower, at the gym and with some alone time on his bed.

See Fratmen Sky full exposed here!

See Fratmen Sky full exposed here!

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