Brian Bonds, Riley Mitchell and Blake Hunter

Blake Hunter discovers that guys in his building are being filmed without their consent. He enlists the help of Brian Bonds, and the two go to ‘The Super’ of the building, Riley Mitchel, to find some answers.

Brian and Blake quickly discover that Riley is behind the whole secret perverted operation. To show how upset they are, the duo pins Riley down and pull off his clothes. Brian gets deep in Riley’s ass to probe it with his tongue as Blake continues to hold the crooked Super down. READ MORE

Christian Ferrari

Christian Ferrari is a tall and muscular young lad from Italy, he’s sporty and works as a PT and it shows in his impressive physique, he has a strong body, built upper body decorated with some tattoos, and there’s even more to be impressed about when he pulls down his underwear, his cock hardens and is a massive length and thickness, this lad is well endowed.

He wanks it for us, showing it off and his big balls too, including showing off his lightly hairy hole, before unloading a nice load of cum for us over his abs READ MORE

Fratmen Sky

As we see Fratmen Sky is already an accomplished golfer with a good handicap. He’s into grown up pursuits and he has girls falling at his feet. Although he is very much the alpha male straight man he doesn’t mind the idea of being seen as something of a gay icon. Well he admits to getting off on the fact that gay men find it erotic as he slips out of his sports kit and into the shower.  READ MORE

Brad Hunter

My sexy mate Brad Hunter came around last week for a cheeky strip show shoot with me. 20 year old Aussie Brad has become very popular among all our mates when he started making scenes with me late last year.

I reckon he’s one of the horniest of all my mates when it comes to getting naked on camera. He loves playing up to the camera, showing off his bum and that huge cock. My cheeky mate is posing in shorts today with no underwear while riding around the room in my old roller skates. READ MORE

Joel Jenkins and Barclay Graham

Joel Jenkins is back to push Barclay Graham’s boundaries and he is right up for some fun; the shoot starts with a nice relaxing massage, Joel showing off his hand skills, he is quite some masseur and has soon got Barclay all relaxed and Joel is so good with his hands he soon has Barclay standing to attention.

Barclay is loving it and can’t resist a go; Joel is naked and erect and Barclay is soon getting wanked by Joel and only too happy to return the favor and he grabs Joel’s great big uncut cock. READ MORE

Dominic Moore and Otto Davies

Dominic Moore is in charge today and he has straight young blond pup Otto Davies to play with and today Otto is wanking off his first man.

The lads do a great job at showing off each other’s bodies wanking each other and showing off each others holes. Otto’s body is covered in blond fuzz and his uncut cock is rock hard especially when in Dom’s hand.

As usual Dom’s massive uncut cock responds to Otto’s wanking and he is happy for Otto to practice wanking. After all the fun the two lads lie back and shoot a nice load, Dom fires first drowning himself in his cum, Otto is second with his own nice load. READ MORE

Harry Mallinder

Harry Mallinder is a tall muscular young man, solidly built with a massive upper body and solid legs, he’s played lots of sports and worked as a PT.

He’s handsome and got a smooth body, and when he takes off his clothes you can see how impressive his physique is, not to mention his cock.

It’s long and thick, his uncut dick quickly gets hard and he wanks it, solid in his strong hands. READ MORE

Fratmen Tatum

Tanned dark haired All American Dude Fratmen Tatum has it all, a muscled but not too muscly body with bumps and curves in all the right place, good looking with a gorgeous come to bed killer smile and a dick that stands straight up when touched. 

We see Fratmen Tatum enjoying his alone time in the shower, in bed, always with that big boner of a cock poking straight up. Yeah Fratmen Tatum is one hell of a sexy fuck. He’s a cool guy who prefers his own company and is not unhappy to share some of his me time with you. READ MORE

Deacon and Cole

Blue-eyed Deacon and dark-haired Cole are in the middle of a heated, deep kiss swapping spit and feeling on each other’s hard, muscular bodies. “How am I supposed to keep my hands off of this thing?” asks chiseled Deacon, as he grabs Cole’s bubble butt. “Can you really blame us at all?” says Cole while feeling up on Deacon’s abs.

He continues, “I’m very excited for us today!” “Oh, that’s good cause I’ve heard what amazing things your legs can do, your ass can do and I want to put you in some positions today,” says Deacon coyly. “What positions do you like?” asks Deacon. “All of them!” quips Cole. READ MORE