Colby Melvin, Jim Fit

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Hot sexy warehouse workers Jim Fit and Colby Melvin are on the late shift sorting out the packages for the delivery couriers to collect.

Jim Fit is feeling particularly horny and stressed and he wanders off to the men’s bathroom planning a sly wank in the stalls whilst his boss is otherwise engaged.

The muscular blue-collar parcel operative is immediately busted by a fellow hottie co-worker Colby Melvin, but hey they are both dirty-minded and he soon pushes Jim to his knees and forces his huge hard erection down Jim’s deep throat. Making him gag as his big dick head hits the back of his throat.

Still in the middle of the public restroom, Jim clutches onto a urinal for support as Colby buries his face between his smooth cheeks, rimming his hot smooth asshole.

Jim relaxes his ass muscles allowing Colby to force his massive thick dick balls deep into his raw hole.

As he power fucks his hot cock into Jim, Colby gives his co-worker a reach around and helps Jim get a taste of the excessive precum leaking out of his own dick.

Now getting drilled deeper and harder, Jim moans loudly as he orgasms spraying ropes of cum onto the restroom’s tiled floor.

Moments later, Jim joins his puddles of cum on the ground as he kneels down, opens his mouth, and takes Colby’s full jizz load to the face and licks his cum wet lips.

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