Cody Seiya

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Versatile bottom boy, half Chinese, ‘half Jewish’ Cody Seiya is crazy about video gaming, reading super hero comics and watching anime.

“I swear I’m cool,” he adds.

Cody has quite a few tattoos on his young muscled body, which he keeps “pageant fit” by jumping rope and bodyweight exercises.

He shares that he’s a bit kinky, loving when guys spit in his mouth and up for trying anything once.

Cody slowly pulls off his white undershirt and pulls down his jeans, then strokes his cock and shows off his athletic frame as he talks dirty.

“You like this body? You wish you were touching my abs, huh? Me too.”

Cody lies back on the couch so he can toy with his ass, too, letting his talented hands play until he shoots a big load on his washboard abs.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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