Sean Cody Daniel, Sean Cody Kyle

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Hottie muscle hunk Daniel gets a sly look at young muscled hottie Kyle’s ripped body as he was changing, and he can’t wait to see it some more.

“His huge boner is just out of this world.

I just can’t wait to get his erect cock in my mouth.”

The guys are totally chilled as they make out on the bed together, and Kyle promises to give Daniel a reiki session after their scene before silver fox Daniel gets him laughing with some puns.

These horny studs are just eager to strip each other’s clothes off, and soon Kyle is sucking down hard on Daniel’s dick.

Then Daniel gets what he’s been waiting for, feeling Kyle’s thick cock between his lips.

“Oh just like that, fuck!” Kyle moans.

The top rubs their hard dicks together, then penetrates Kyle in spoon and missionary before the bottom gets on all fours to get fucked doggy style.

Daniel pounds Kyle deep in missionary till the bottom blows a huge cum load, then Daniel cums all over that hot bod.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Gay Porn Star Peter Prinz
Gay Porn Star Peter Prinz
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