Charles Collins, Finn Wright

Straight and muscular fitness trainer Finn Wright is excited to be back this week, paired with the tall, confident and athletic Charles Collins. The pair get along really well with lots of banter throughout.

Charles explores Finn’s hunky, smooth body, his tight abs and big strong legs. These playful pups challenge each other to various press-ups and squats and Finn even manages to squat with Charles on his back.

After a lot of playful warm-up, the handsome duo are excited to wank each other’s big uncut cocks. Swapping in many positions, showing their bums nicely to see their lightly fuzzy holes. Then the boys sit back for a super cum shot. read more

Charles Collins

Charles Collins is back and today he lets straight hunk Joel wank his big uncut cock. Charles lies back and enjoys a great body massage, then his uncut cock gets manhandled and before you know it Charles is erect and he hasn’t done a thing himself.

A great shoot with Joel Jenkins getting naked and taking full charge of Charles. It is not long before Charles is lying back shooting his load, Joel also unloads his cum on his abs.

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Charles Collins

Charles Collins, a ripped martial arts specialist, makes his first appearance in front of my camera and he was as relaxed and confident on camera as he is behind the scenes. He stands at 6 foot tall with a lean, cut body, cheeky grin and a huge 7-inch cock.

Charles is naturally a playful puppy and shares a few personal sex stories and banter with me before slowly stripping down to his boxers and having a mini workout when his massive bulge touches the floor as he does some press-ups.

Comfortably naked, Charles massages his balls as he plays with his lovely uncut cock until he gets rock hard and lays down on the floor to spread his cheeks in a few different positions, showing off his smooth hole as he wanks his cock. read more

Charles Collins

Charles Collins is a sporty young man who trains hard for his sport Muay Thai. All that exercise clearly has created a gorgeous ripped physique. He strips into his boxers and changes in and out of a few different pairs, each one looking great on his body.

When he pulls them down for the last time you can see what is creating that large bulge in his boxers!

Charles has a great big uncut cock that hangs generous when soft and stands straight up and when erect.

He plays away, shows his bum and lies back and shoots a nice load of cum on his abs. Well done Charles, another straight lad happy to entertain us. read more

Charles Collins

Fit Young Men stats: Charles Collins – Muay Thai – Ultra Athletic Muai Thai Expert Charles Shows off his Fantastic Physique, Age: 24 years old / Height: 6’0″ / Chest: 40″ / Waist: 31″ / Weight: 78kg / Straight.

See young naked sportsman Charles Collins strips down to his sexy undies then jerks his huge uncut dick here!

See young naked sportsman Charles Collins strips down to his sexy undies then jerks his huge uncut dick here!

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