Danny Davis, Dominic Moore

Straight, young footballer Danny Davis is back this week for the ultimate straight boy experience as he gets fucked for the first time by another guy.

And the lucky boy doing the dead is our resident favourite big Dominic Moore who is also losing his man-fuck virginity today.

Smooth and toned Danny can’t wait to get naked and doesn’t waste any time taking Dom’s clothes off and the boys are straight to wanking each other’s uncut cocks. READ MORE

Dominic Moore, Hunter Hay

Dominic Moore is getting a reputation for relaxing the straight lads, and gets to play with them too, what a great deal.

Hunter Hay is a good looking lad, handsome, a few tattoos and a big uncut dick, Dominic wastes no time in getting unclothed with him and handling and massaging him to get him hard.

Soon they are wanking each other, even with their legs across each other. Hunter unloading his balls first and Dominic’s big uncut cock shooting its load next, what a mess. READ MORE

Marco Braid, Jack Harper, Dominic Moore

Marco Braid, Dominic Moore and Jack Harper are three straight, young lads who joined me at the seaside for a mini-break this week.

This toned threesome are looking fresh for summer; Dominic and Marco with nice, smooth bodies and Jack with lots of body hair.

The boys’ naughty side comes out as they decide to play a game of cards where the loser has to strip.

They soon get carried away and start wanking their big uncut cocks and before long have each other’s massive erections in their hands when Dominic and Jack get their mouths wet, and Dominic even attempts both cocks in his mouth at the same time, while Marco sits back and enjoys the blow jobs. READ MORE

David Kolar, Dominic Moore

David Kolar is back in London after a few months away and today he agreed to let me push his boundaries and he lets Dominic Moore give him a good body massage.

Before you know it David’s big thick uncut cock is in Dom’s hands who gives it a right good wanking before showing us David hole, surrounded by a load of blond fuzz.

Quite unplanned Dom asks David if he can suck his cock, after a short pause, he replies yes and Dom doesn’t wait long before he does a great job at practising some more cock sucking! READ MORE

Jack Stewart, Dominic Moore

Two of our favourite young, straight pups are back this week, Jack Stewart and Dominic Moore. These two have similar builds; both slender and toned with smooth bodies and both with big uncut cocks.

Dominic begins by exploring Jack’s body and has his hands down Jack’s pants in no time! Jack seems to like it and has a massive erection right away and soon starts to return the favour.

The hot duo wank each other’s huge, uncut cocks and do a great job of showing off each other’s holes, Jack’s slightly fuzzier one and Dom’s smooth hole! On their backs, Dominic shoot his enormous load first covering himself, followed by Jack who squirts all over himself too. READ MORE

Dominic Moore, Marco Braid

Straight, young Marco Braid is back this week with naughty Dominic Moore. This video shoot is coming online later than the order we filmed Marco’s series and should have gone live before the last video.

The shoot begins with Dominic taking charge and undressing tall and handsome Marco down to his underwear, showing off his smooth body. Marco is soon naked with a big semi before he returns the favour and explores Dominic’s hot body. READ MORE

Danny Davis, Dominic Moore

Young, straight and lean footballer Danny Davis is back this week for his first ever man suck and we’ve chosen the naughtiest boy we know to help break him in, Dominic Moore.

These two have similar bodies, both smooth and ripped and both extremely fit. Dominic begins by undressing Danny and feeling his toned, athletic body and Dominic’s wandering hands are soon down Danny’s pants.

The boys take turns wanking each other’s uncut cocks until they’re both rock solid when Dominic starts sucking Danny’s big cock, and it’s not long until Danny’s is returning the favour and has Dominic’s huge cock in his mouth. READ MORE

Dominic Moore, William Harrison

William Harrison is a tall strong strapping lad, handsome and muscular; he’s a keen rugby player.

The exhibitionist in him is up for another man to play with his huge uncut cock, so we let naughty Dominic Moore have his way with him.

Dominic does a great job of wanking William and showing off his hairy hole and body and gets his thick dick throbbing, he must be enjoying it, when his balls tighten and he unloads he shoots a shower of cum everywhere, even hitting his face. READ MORE

Charlie Henshaw, Dominic Moore

The last time we saw the young, straight and extremely horny Charlie Henshaw he was wanking a guy off for the first time.

This week he’s back, hornier than ever, and ready to experience his first man suck, and he’s in the well-versed hands of handsome pup Dominic Moore.

The duo hit it off and it isn’t long until Dominic has Charlie’s trousers around his ankles and is spanking his pert bum. READ MORE