Jack Harper, Frankie Foster

Straight and muscular Frankie Foster experiences wanking his first man, and it’s young lad Jack Harper and his big uncut cock he gets to play with! Jack begins by stripping Frankie and feeling his big muscles before calling Frankie out to do some press-ups.

Frankie has Jack do some sit-ups in return and these fit lads have no trouble with their mini workouts. The boys are soon naked and wanking their big uncut cocks, taking over filming and giving us a close up of their favourite hobby. READ MORE

Jack Harper, Frankie Foster

These lads are quite opposites, Jack Harper is tall and lean and about 78 kgs and Frankie Foster is shorter with big muscles and about 92kgs. Though they both are straight and today Frankie for the first time wanks off another guy and what a great job he does.

A nice relaxed shoot as these straight lad get on and do a great job at jerking off each other. Frankie is first to blow his cum and a massive load squirts up high and goes everywhere, quickly followed by Jack. READ MORE

Frankie Foster

Frankie Foster is a tall straight muscular lad, with gorgeous looks he’s a real hunk with blonde and and impressive physique that shows off how sporty the guy is. His chest and arms are truly massive, as is the noticeable bulge in his pants.

We’ve persuaded him to get massaged by a guy, and he relaxes into it, down come his pants and his ass gets massaged first.

His ass is lightly hairy, it looks firm and tight, then he turns over for the rest of his body, his 7 inch uncut cock suddenly gets rock solid, pointing up to the stars. READ MORE

Frankie Foster, Matteo Romano

Frankie Foster is a muscular straight lad who wasn’t sure another man should be touching his cock, so we are lucky he warmed to the idea and today he lets Matteo Romano massage him all over his body and legs.

Then Matteo takes hold of Frankie’s uncut cock, it is soft to begin but is soon growing to its impressive size.

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Frankie Foster

Frankie Foster is a hot and muscled guy, a person trainer, he would make your head turn at the gym. He’s tall, broad, tanned, got an incredible upper body, muscular and fit, this guy looks amazing naked.

He has a bit of a cheeky look on his face as he tugs at his dick in front of the camera, knowing he is being a bit naughty, he gets hard and he’s got a mighty weapon, thick and long.

He bends over and shows off his ass as he wanks, then perches on a bar stool wanking until he unloads his thick load on to himself. READ MORE