Marco Braid, Dominic Moore

Marco Braid and Dominic Moore are back and this photo set is coming on line later than the order we filmed his series and should have come online before the last video.

We hope to see Marco carrying on his journey and indeed we all want to see Dominic take that next step.

See straight dude Marco Braid gets his first man wank and his huge uncut dick sucked by Dominic Moore here!

See straight dude Marco Braid gets his first man wank and his huge uncut dick sucked by Dominic Moore here!

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Dominic Moore, Marco Braid

Young, slender and incredibly smooth Marco Braid is back for his first ever man handling.

It doesn’t take long before Marco is oiled up and I’m rubbing his ripped body, caressing his six pack and chest before flipping him over to give his back a good seeing to. Marco has never had a sports massage so he was well up for a good muscle rub and he seemed so relaxed.

I soon have Marco’s underwear off and massage his pert bum and slightly hairy legs before spreading his cheeks to show his smooth, tight hole. A gentle tease of Marco’s uncut cock and balls and he is soon like a rod of steel. read more

Jack Stewart, Marco Braid

Bestie straight friends Jack Stewart and Marco Braid manage to put on quite a show, having seen each other nude before their horseplay sporting around was a whole lot of fun.

They had never actually seen each other wholly naked, erect and wanking. They quickly get used to this new situation.

They both enjoy getting naked and they do a great job at showing off their lean and toned bodies.

Jack and Marco are both smooth and have similar uncut cock’s Jack’s is a touch longer, whereas Marco’s is all the more thicker. read more

Marco Braid

Marco Braid is a young man with a great lean and tight physique, tall and toned and with his jeans packed full! As his boxers come off you can see a big bulge and he pulls them down to show off his big uncut cock.

Marco has an almost hair free body and he loves wanking his cock when he leans back he shoots a nice loads of cum over his body. Well done Marco, another straight lad happy to unload for us.

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