Frankie Foster, Matteo Romano

Frankie Foster is a muscular straight lad who wasn’t sure another man should be touching his cock, so we are lucky he warmed to the idea and today he lets Matteo Romano massage him all over his body and legs.

Then Matteo takes hold of Frankie’s uncut cock, it is soft to begin but is soon growing to its impressive size.

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Matteo Romano, Joel Jenkins

Matteo Romano is a stunning looking guy, lean and really muscular he’s got that perfect athletic look, combined with the handsome face and beautiful cock its the whole package.

This shoot took a bit of persuasion, but Matteo settles in to it well, and once the lads have their kit off, he isn’t at all shy at grabbing Joel Jenkins’ big uncut cock and wanking him.

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Matteo Romano, Joel Jenkins

You can never really predict which models are likely to let me push their boundaries, when I first started talking to Matteo Romano about letting a guy touch his cock he seemed very casual about it.

In reality maybe he didn’t understand what I was saying, as when it came to organizing the shoot he kept putting it off. Though one of these models, when you get them over that barrier they get on and enjoy themselves.

Look at Matteo today and he is fairly relaxed letting Joel Jenkins massage him and then wank his very hard uncut cock. read more

Matteo Romano

Matteo Romano is a confident young Italian man, his body is raging full of hormones and he is never happier than when naked and playing with his uncut cock.

He enjoys showing off on camera and its definitely turned him on since after he does one pretty big cum shot, he just keeps pumping his cock and another load cums!

He is a cheeky and confident straight lad who I hope comes back and does lots more.

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