Toni Filip, Ricky Hampton

Toni Filip wasn’t sure a man should be touching his cock, so where as his friend Lewis was well up for it Toni was more cautious and as you can see at the start of the shoot he looks a little nervous.

Once he has got used to a man touching and wanking his cock he does a great job at letting Ricky Hampton wank his cock and more than in most shoots Ricky really goes to town on showing off Toni’s slightly hairy hole.

After lots of wanking, none by Toni, he lies back and unloads, the photographer lending a hand for the finale. read more

Lewis Connell, Ricky Hampton

Lewis Connell is very relaxed today, for a straight lad about to get his first man wank he doesn’t seem at all worried. He strips himself to his boxers and Ricky Hampton is on hand to massage Lewis; his shoulders, his back, his legs and abs all get special treatment, then his glutes come in for some treatment.

Ricky is great at showing off Lewis’s hairy hole and it gets a right good kneading and showing off in loads of doggie posing. Once his ass has been massaged Ricky grabs Lewis and takes him from floppy to a nice solid erection and Lewis hasn’t flinched at all. read more

Ricky Hampton, Casey Lee

These two straight men have worked together a few times and last time Casey Lee fucked Ricky Hampton’s hole and kept protecting his own cherry. It has taken a long time to get him to give it up and today he does it in style. He doesn’t just let Ricky fuck him, he allows Ricky to assault his cherry and assault it again!

Casey gets a dam good fucking and he seems to enjoy and hate the pleasure and pain and getting a cock up his ass that is almost a hint too big!

Ricky’s cock is big, long and thick and he enjoys pounding it in and out, in and out and in and out of Casey! read more

Ricky Hampton and Zack Russell

Zack Russell is back for some full on action, he has performed in a couple of solos and then today he steps up and lets Ricky Hampton wank his cock and it doesn’t stop there by getting a great blow job from Ricky.

The lads are having a lot of fun in this shoot, Zack is way out his comfort zone and Ricky enjoys pushing and testing lads boundaries; so it’s not long before Zack is wanking Ricky and then agrees to suck Ricky.

Don’t you love it when straight lads suck cock for their first time? Both lads seem pretty turned on since they wank off each other to cum shot and both shoot nice loads. Wow, well done Zack. read more