Lewis Hampshire, Tyler Holgate

Young footballer Lewis Hampshire is back this week and his footballer teammate Tyler Holgate decides to come along too.

Both lads are toned and athletic while Tyler is packing some impressive ripped muscles.

Tyler walks Lewis through some stretches, before they strip each other naked. Lewis is the first to get a rock-hard erection while Tyler isn’t far behind.

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Tyler Holgate, Jack Stewart

Straight and very ripped Tyler Holgate continues to push his boundaries this week as he returns to wank another man’s cock.

We have paired him with the young, handsome and straight lad Jack Stewart who certainly gives Tyler a handful.

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Tyler Holgate, Henry Kane

Tyler Holgate is one of these young straight lads beaming with confidence and this week he returns for his first man wank, and not only is another man wanking him but Tyler experiences wanking another guy too.

It’s the lucky Henry Kane who Tyler is paired with and these two are both equally as ripped as one another, with defined six-packs, big lats and muscular legs and smooth tight bodies.

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Tyler Holgate

Young, straight and ripped Tyler Holgate is back this week for his second solo video – this time with plenty of bum show! Tyler is a star footballer player and regularly hits the gym so is in fantastic shape with muscular arms, ripped, smooth abs and strong hairy legs.

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Tyler Holgate

It’s young, straight, and extremely lean Tyler Holgate’ first time on video this week and he is so comfortable on camera that he even allowed his friend to come along.

Tyler’s got one of these really ripped and muscular bodies from all the gym and football he plays, luckily for us, he loves to show it off.

Seeing as Tyler enjoys the latest trainers and is looking extremely fresh in them, we decide to strip him off of everything except his latest trainers and socks and then get him warmed up with plenty of naked press-ups. READ MORE

Tyler Holgate

Tyler Holgate is a young man who plays a lot of football and works out hard at the gym and as you can see today when he strips down he has a great mix of definition and good size muscles.

When naked you can enjoy his big uncut erection that fires a pretty large amount of cum all over the place! Well done Tyler another straight lad happy to entertain.

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