Czech Hunter 417

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Today I found a young straight guy with a beautiful angelic face.

Very beautiful with a gorgeous body, blonde hair, and a huge dick.

I was very excited as he was my best target in weeks.

It was nice weather and I bumped into him near the river, he was just out and about enjoying the weather.

He told me a bit about himself, from a small village in the south of the countryside.

A young guy lost in the big city… It seemed almost perfect.

He wasn’t very different from other young men I met, money was the main reason why he went to Prague.

His football career didn’t work out and now he needed a proper job.

An outdoor action wasn’t an option in this cold but he let me have a look at his firm ass and beautiful cock.

It made me incredibly horny so I convinced the boy to come inside with me.

There I took care of his huge cock and gently played with his asshole.

I wanted to make the boy really excited.

I had to prepare him for my voracious boner.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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