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Czech Hunter 555

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Today I decided to head off to a football stadium looking for a sexy soccer player but instead in the roadway outside I came upon a young cute dude who was waiting for friends.

I found the young man very engaging, he claimed he was lacking in good looks but it was he who always dumped his girlfriends mostly out of boredom with them.

I thought he was quite sexy, and certainly pretty good looking in my eyes.

I convinced him to forget about his tardy friend and go with me instead and make some nice cash.

When we found a discreet spot, the real fun started.

He had a cock almost as big as mine and tried to earn the money really hard.

The dude was very inexperienced so both blowjob and anal were a bit difficult and messy…

Doing it at a dusty field next to a highway didn’t make things any easier.

Still, being first in a guy’s ass is always worth any trouble.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

All the CzechHunter updates right here!

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Peter Prinz

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