Dirty Scout Young Virgin Asshole

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Well let me put it this way, this dude was not the smartest cookie but he had a cute enough face for me to fuck him like a bitch.

He was employed as a cleaner after he interrupted school.

Surprisingly he enjoyed cleaning, so it wasn’t going to be difficult for me to find him a new contract.

His hobbies were interesting… sex, sleeping, showering, and dancing.

His dance moves were horrible, and I was not interested in any way to watch him sleep.

Also, there is no shower in my office, which left us with only one thing we could do, and the dude certainly didn’t disappoint.

His ripped body was all sweaty and his huge dong felt so great in my hand while I was ramming his tight asshole.

Cuties like these can be deceptive. Well, he certainly didn’t make a fortune and the new job sucked ass but that was not my problem.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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