Francois Sagat, Viktor Jones

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Hot muscle hunk Francois Sagat and sexy ripped young stud Viktor Jones are running along the beachfront under a beautiful sky in just their jeans.

As they enter the seafront compound of their home Viktor falls to his knees and unleashes Francois’s huge uncut cock and sucks it until it hits the back of his throat.

Viktor gets his tongue deep into Francois’s foreskin running it up and down the length of his big dick from balls to tip.

Francois then returns the favor jerking his own cock as he blows Viktor’s thick erection.

As the rain falls onto their muscular bodies, Francois offers a spirited cock sucking that has drool dripping down his chest as spit strands dangle between his lips and Viktor’s thick, arched slab.

After more deep throating, kissing, and cockfight swordplay, Francois rims his bud’s hairy ass hole while jacking Viktor’s huge cock at the same time.

Francois gets his tongue deep between his muscular bubble butt ass cheeks planting it directly into his hot hole.

They let out their first cum loads as Francois’s chest gets even wetter with jizz dripping down his hairy chest.

The beefy stud then bends over as Viktor fucks away, varying his tempo from slow and steady to fast and furiously as Francois moans with pleasure with every single thrust.

The horny bottom stud then lies on his back, giving a great aerial shot looking down on his massive chest and boner which soon sprays jizz all over his abs and chest quickly followed by Viktor who fires off a volley of cum shots all over Francois’s hot ass.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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