Cade Maddox, Kuper

When Cade Maddox comes down the stairs and notices his sexy pool boy, Kuper, cleaning up, he steps outside and gets in a lounge chair.

Turned on by Küper, Cade starts rubbing his cock that’s already bulging thru his speedo.

When Küper notices the throbbing meat, Cade signals him inside to the couch. Without hesitation, Küper heads straight for Cade’s thick cock with his lips.

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Cade Maddox, Damon Heart

While Cade Maddox is naked and shaving his face, Damon Heart comes in and starts to caress Cade’s chiseled physique. Damon quickly works his tongue down Cade’s body until he’s on his knees.

Turning Cade around, Damon’s lined up to meet Cade’s massive dick. Without hesitating, Damon opens wide and engulfs Cade’s swollen member down his throat – all the way down to the base. READ MORE

Cade Maddox, Lucas Leon

Musclebound superstar Cade Maddox and young Latin hottie Lucas Leon are perfect together.

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Cade is dominating with his thick muscles and his giant cock. Lucas is a willing cocksucker and takes every inch down his throat.

Cade loves the taste of Lucas his ass before he shaves every inch up there with extreme pleasure.

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Nick Fitt, Cade Maddox

It turns out that creepy Cade Maddox is obsessed with his step brother Nick Fitt and his plan has been to get at him all this time.

After watching Nick sleep, Cade makes his move on Nick and his pent-up passion is finally released.

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Nick giving into his desires lets Cade have his way with him.

Sucking each other’s cocks and devouring each other’s assholes, Cade takes his aggression out on Nick’s firm white ass. READ MORE

Cade Maddox, Hunter Smith

It turns out that brother Cade Maddox has a little bit of an obsession problem. After a small freak out, he takes out his frustration on his step brother, newcomer Hunter Smith.

Hunter is an insatiable bottom that takes every inch of Cade’s huge dick.

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After worshiping cock and ass these two sexual beasts fuck like rabbits and shoot massive loads!

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