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“I’m pretty excited to stretch that hole out,” says Brysen about getting to top Archie on Sean Cody.

Archie’s been working on his bottoming skills, and he thinks he’s ready for a challenge, so after the guys do some inflatable jousting at the beach, they head back to the studio for Archie to take on Brysen’s jousting pole.

“Oh my god, I don’t know if it’s gonna fit!” Archie gasps as Brysen teases his hole with his thick cock. READ MORE

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Daniel and Brysen are serving some sexy cowboy looks as they lean against a weathered fence, taking off their shirts and flexing their muscles.

These guys roughhouse a little as they flirt before heading back to the studio where Brysen gets right down to sucking Daniel’s dick.

Sexy silver fox Daniel wants to taste Brysen’s cock too before Brysen takes the cowboy play to the next level, hopping into the saddle to ride Daniel’s dick. READ MORE

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It’s the perfect day at the beach for hotties Brysen and Ernie as they play hackysack, roughhouse and joke by the ocean, and, of course, caress each other’s bodies in the shade.

When they get back to the privacy of the Sean Cody house, they start kissing passionately right away before stripping down.

Ernie sucks Brysen’s hard dick and Brysen spins the tan bottom around to tongue his hole and slide his cock inside. READ MORE

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Brysen and Noah have known each other for about two years, since Brysen was running an underwear contest in Florida.

“I ended up picking him as the winner of the underwear contest.

And I invited him back to my room and fucked the shit out of him,” Brysen confesses.

Today, Noah says he’s still got a crush on the Sean Cody hunk, and he’s most looking forward to “Getting fucked really good.” READ MORE

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“Pound it out,” handsome jock Brysen says with a wink as he and ebony cutie Ace pump some iron at the park.

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Pound what out, exactly? “You’ll see. I’ll be pounding him out after I’m done pounding this out!”

Brysen does just that when these muscular hunks get back to the house, wasting no time in getting Ace to ride his hard dick before bending him over to pound that perky little ass deep and hard. READ MORE

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Sean Cody regular Brysen is excited to break in another first timer, hot and furry bottom Michael. Brysen can’t wait to get his hands on Michael’s thick ass, not to mention stretch it out with his big dick.

Michael’s excited too, saying he’s never yet met a big dick he can’t take. Michael confesses, “I really like cum,” and that’s music to Brysen’s dick. READ MORE

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Sean Cody Brysen and Sean Cody Kurt enjoy a day in the sun at the beach, but what they’re really looking forward to is the bedroom.

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“We’re going to have a little fun,” says Brysen. Kurt is so turned on he’s at a loss for words.

“Excited, definitely,” says Kurt before grabbing hold of Brysen’s hard cock.

The two studs jerk each other off on the bed before Brysen bends Kurt over and gives him a proper pounding. READ MORE

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Blue-eyed twink Jace is back to show us more of his fit, toned body, and he’s just as excited as his scene partner, muscular hottie Brysen.

“I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to get his shirt off,” says Jace.

“What do you like about this?” asks Brysen as he reveals his abs. “Oh I like it all! I love the tats, and a little more too,” replies Jace. “He’s hella nerdy, and I love that in a guy,” says Brysen. READ MORE