Jack Stewart, Dominic Moore

Two of our favourite young, straight pups are back this week, Jack Stewart and Dominic Moore. These two have similar builds; both slender and toned with smooth bodies and both with big uncut cocks.

Dominic begins by exploring Jack’s body and has his hands down Jack’s pants in no time! Jack seems to like it and has a massive erection right away and soon starts to return the favour.

The hot duo wank each other’s huge, uncut cocks and do a great job of showing off each other’s holes, Jack’s slightly fuzzier one and Dom’s smooth hole! On their backs, Dominic shoot his enormous load first covering himself, followed by Jack who squirts all over himself too. read more

Dominic Moore, Jack Stewart

Young, straight and smooth 18 year old Jack Stewart is back for his first ever man wank and massage – and I made sure his most important 7.5 inch long muscle got a right good seeing to.

Jack has let his pubic hair grow since his last shoot and he has managed to grow a demi-bush, the longest he’s ever had it! Well done Jack, we love to see you with natural hair. But seeing as Jack likes it shorter, I offered to trim it back for him on camera.

After, when I flip Jack over to give his glutes a good rub and spread his hole I tidy up his bit of fuzz down there too! Now Jack is looking tidy and relaxed, I massage his favourite huge, uncut muscle and let him do some self-filming. read more

Jack Stewart, Marco Braid

Bestie straight friends Jack Stewart and Marco Braid manage to put on quite a show, having seen each other nude before their horseplay sporting around was a whole lot of fun.

They had never actually seen each other wholly naked, erect and wanking. They quickly get used to this new situation.

They both enjoy getting naked and they do a great job at showing off their lean and toned bodies.

Jack and Marco are both smooth and have similar uncut cock’s Jack’s is a touch longer, whereas Marco’s is all the more thicker. read more