Finn Harper, Robin Matze

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Robin Matze might not be particularly skilled when it comes to playing billiards but he’s certainly familiar with fleshier balls, as handsome young Finn Harper is about to find out in this new offering of hot and steamy BoyFun.

The floppy-haired young man only takes a few practice shots before Finn arrives to play, giving the boy a very up-close lesson in how to handle his cue.

Naturally, with such close contact, their own meaty cues are soon getting stiff enough to smack some balls of their own and the boys head to the bedroom where Finn can give his new friend a lesson in more pleasurable pursuits.

With cocks glistening and gooey with spit and precum the two swap their tasty lengths and Finn doesn’t waste his opportunity to pop one in the pocket, taking up position behind young Robin and diving in with his bareback length.

With a ride on the meaty member young Robin proves he isn’t such a novice after all and after laying back to get some good ramming of his hole the two are just about ready to end their first match.

Finn heads up to make a mess over the boy’s cute face while Robin wanks out his explosive goo over his smooth body, finishing with a big splashing load pumping from Finn’s gorgeous cock and decorating his lips.

We don’t need to keep score to know they both won this game.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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