Dirty Scout 219

This 26 years old cutie wasn’t doing so well. First he broke up with his girlfriend after six years and consequently he was barely getting by with his meager salary.

The guy was also kinda burned out and looking for a fresh start, a completely new line of work. He quit his electrician job in hope our agency would have work behind a desk for him.

It wasn’t easy to find something but we managed. The guy was very shy and nervous so I was worried he might be difficult to undress. Well, he was surprisingly easy. READ MORE

Dirty Scout 218

This young man was in trouble. He was totally broke and needed a job as soon as possible.

Too bad he had absolutely no work experience. He did have a certificate of apprenticeship in cooking but that wasn’t enough. Thank god he was smart enough to ask only for a simple warehouse job.

I’m sure that moving boxes around was something he could handle. Now I wanted him to take care of my horny dick. Our mediation fee doesn’t pay itself, so the guy had to do me a favor. I asked him to suck me off right away and he agreed. READ MORE

Dirty Scout 217

This guy studied to be a doctor and, hilariously, he wanted to work with vaginas. Truth be told, he looked very confident and competent.

He was after a nicely paid part-time job which would involve working with people or organizing events.

So, I found him something along those lines. He was very excited about it and wanted to start as soon as possible.

When I mentioned our mediation fee, the carefully built image of confidence began to crumble. READ MORE

Dirty Scout 215

A young cutie originally from Slovakia came to my office today. He was 18 and ripped so I was definitely paying attention to his ambitions.

While playing with my cock under the table, of course.

The dude was a cook so getting him a nice job wasn’t a problem. Thankfully, he came to the interview not knowing about the mediation fee.

He needed my help, but my naughty offers at first offended him. READ MORE

Dirty Scout 214

This young man looked tough. Lean and ripped, arms tattooed… not a typical guy who would let you in his ass easily.

He was a car mechanic looking for a job in Prague but was open to any work if it was well-paid.

I gave him a sweet job in Germany and the guy loved the idea.

For a single dude who speaks German, it was a perfect job. For some reason he needed money really badly, that’s why our mediation fee was a big problem. READ MORE

Dirty Scout 213

It’s not easy when you finish a school and can’t get a job in the field of your study. The same thing happened to this guy.

He finished a business school but ended up working at a factory as a regular worker.

His salary was terrible even for the backward region he was from. That was the main reason why he decided to move to Prague.

He managed to get a nice deal on a flat and now he needed a job to pay the rent. READ MORE

Dirty Scout 212

This young man was interesting. He lived in Germany and came to my office because he just returned to the Czech Republic.

His family was in Dresden, so they convinced him to move there, as well.

The guy failed to make a career in Germany and worked as a cleaner. When family relationships worsened, he decided to move back to Prague. He also didn’t want to be a cleaner anymore, he wanted to work as a plumber again. READ MORE

Dirty Scout 211

This young cutie was a huge sports fan. He played football and hockey and even dabbled in martial arts.

I saw potential in the man and offered him a position at a company selling sports merchandise. The guy was all over the job.

Who wouldn’t like a big salary and a company car, right? All that time I was simply hypnotized by his beautiful eyes. I just couldn’t help it.

The guy was so adorable and only 20 years old. I wanted to gently introduce him into my world. READ MORE

Dirty Scout 210

This sexy carpenter was only 19 years old and looked like a little disco angel. He wanted a nice job in Prague.

I guess he was following those big city dreams guys like him have. Making dreams come true is sort of my hobby.

Especially when it involves dudes as fuckable as this blond cutie. I found him a job and he was happy to take it.

In exchange, I asked only to have sex with him. He wasn’t too difficult to convince. READ MORE

Dirty Scout 209

A young car and bike racer came to my office looking for work. The guy was good, he even won a few trophies.

His parents stopped supporting him, so he had to find a proper job and take care of himself.

He was nice and polite but not very talkative. His melancholic mood was most probably caused by a recent break-up.

The young man was a trained and experienced car mechanic, so I gave him a very nice job at a repair shop. READ MORE