Max Schutler, Andreas Cavalli

Andreas Cavalli is a big manly guy, at 6 foot 3, with a great body, he has thick 8.5 incher as well.

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And he is pretty dominant too, which Max Schutler clearly liked, as Andreas shoves his cock right down his throat, making him deep-throat him as much as he could handle.

There’s tons of good sucking in this vid. Andreas gives his arse a good rimming before fucking him hard in 3 positions, making him cum whilst being pounded. READ MORE

Andreas Cavalli, Billy Roberts

At 6 foot 3, everything about Andreas Cavalli is big. The biggest hands I think I’ve ever seen. Billy Roberts isn’t a small guy but he looks it next to Andreas.

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He has a thick 8.5 inch cock too, and is pretty aggressive with it.

But Billy is a tough young lad, and he can take it, and whilst Andreas practically fucks his throat, Billy handles it well. Very horny! Andreas is all over Billy as well, pinning him down and licking his nipples and armpits. READ MORE

James Pringle

London chav lad, James Pringle, loves the rudeboy style, and he is always in trackies, polo shirt and cap.

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He starts off rubbing his cock over his trackies, and he quickly starts to get hard.

Peeling down his trackies we get a nice shot of a very thick bulge, in his Armani undies, which he strokes and squeezes till it gets rock solid.

He takes down his undies, and we finally get to see a throbbing thick 8 incher, and its one of those really perfect cocks. READ MORE

Jack Jefferson, Luke Hammond

Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond are both handsome lads with awesome fit bodies, and very nice thick 8 inch cocks. They look great together.

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After some kissing and licking each others nipples, they take turns sucking each others hot cocks, and when Jack sucks, he really gets into it.

He does some great deep throating, taking Luke’s thick dick all the way down his throat till his face is nestled in Luke’s pubes, really horny. READ MORE