Silas Rise, Daniel Karrington, Peter Polloc

After the first part, Silas Rise still hasn’t finished with his boys, Peter Polloc and Daniel Karrington, and they are quickly ordered onto the table, where he shows no mercy in whipping the boys asses and feet, before jerking their dicks and using a dildo on their holes, to the point of almost cumming.

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It goes without saying that Silas will not allow this, and he has both boys turn around before oiling them up and jerking their cocks! READ MORE

Pierre Rubberax, Tannor Reed

With Tannor Reed gagged and wearing a mask, he’s pushed into Pierre Rubberax’s domain, made to be on the bench with his ass on display for Pierre to whip, and have easy access.

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Without doubt two dirty but innocent looking boys is bound to be a good one.

After a bit of whipping Pierre unzips the boy’s ass, and starts licking the boys balls whilst fingering his hole, preparing the boy for what’s to come. READ MORE

Peter Polloc, Ron Negba

Poor Peter Polloc enjoying the sun is about to be molested by Ron Negba, who has some kinky ideas in mind for this fine summers morning.

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After locking his hands and cock together in a wooden vice, he throws the key into the pool, so the boy definitely has no escape! Having that in mind, Ron now has his plan in motion.

With a few whips on the boys body he’s quick to get sucking and playing with his cock, with a few whips every now and then Peter is soon moaning in pleasure. READ MORE

Daniel Karrington, Peter Polloc, Silas Rise

As the title suggests, this is the perverted summer house where the boys get together to enjoy their respective roles.

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Silas Rise goes to visit the boys, Daniel Karrington and Peter Polloc, outside who are chilling, and decides he too needs to chill by making the boys suck his dick whilst standing and watching, kissing and having his nipples sucked on by the respective slave boys. READ MORE

Titus Snow, Rodion Taxa

It’s hard to imagine that the thought of sex at the gym hasn’t passed through someones mind at some point, but these two take it to the next level.

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Titus Snow, the alpha male of the two, sits on the bench with Rodion Taxa on the floor, and has the boy kiss his feet before playing with his dick.

Titus, however isn’t one for sitting and having everything done for him, as we soon see as he has Rodion lay down on the bench and Titus ties him down with some sexy red tape. READ MORE

Peter Polloc, Rodion Taxa

Now with Peter Polloc butt naked on a pile of wheels the game isn’t over yet.

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Rodion Taxa decides to oil up this twink, and play in some erogenous areas, with special focus on his dick, which he doesn’t hesitate in giving an extra rub and even suck.

Now with his legs secured in the air with the help of some tyres, Rodion pulls out some toys to enjoy a bit further his ass, to the point of using a horse sized dildo to open up his hole whilst being jerked off. READ MORE

Liam Stone, Mickey Taylor

We all know that Mickey Taylor isn’t someone who lets his slaves get away easily, and the handsome and oh-so innocent looking Liam Stone will be no exception to this iron rule.

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With Liam’s cock still safely locked away, tattooed master Mickey’s first action is to tie his well used slave to a St. Andrews cross, where he eagerly removes the chastity belt to edge the youngster’s dribbling cock. READ MORE

Peter Polloc, Rodion Taxa

Starting with what would appear an alien walking in on a smoky room, we find a futuristic twink wearing a gas mask and covered in PVC clothing, needless to say that if a twink walks in a warehouse like this, he will not be welcomed warmly, as is the case, Peter Polloc’s tied down to a chair for further exploration by Rodion Taxa.

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His hand is quick to go to the groin area, where after a lot of rubbing, he’s semi hard, and Rodion likes what he’s seeing, so much so, that after he gets the boy hard he sucks his cock, and eventually makes the boy suck him off too before moving on to more of an ass wrecking act, needless to say that this boy will be covered in boy juice very soon. READ MORE