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Ever wonder what happened to the lovers that met at Bliss resort, in the number one Noir Male download, “The Resort?”

We catch up with the studs DeAngelo Jackson and Papi Suave and find out they’re still as hot for each other as they ever were.

Still taking care of each other‘s juicy asses, huge dripping cocks and willing holes.

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Aaron Reece is expecting his new step brother Titus McMasters to show up for a visit.

What he didn’t expect was Titus bringing his boyfriend Jigz Castelo with him.

After a tour of the house the three sit down for some uncomfortable chitchat and the conversation soon turns to sex and you can see how uncomfortable Erin is.

Later that day the step brothers want to get all their frustrations out in the open and the two boyfriends are perfectly willing to share their asses and dicks to help Erin understand. READ MORE

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Horse hung Mr Cali and ultra sexy Aaron Reese are getting caught up on some well needed dick sucking.

Suddenly they’re interrupted by Mr Cali‘s step brother, Armond Rizzo who misses his step brothers cock.

After a little fumbling around and finger-pointing the three decide it could be awkward or it could be fun…they choose fun.

Armand and Aaron fight over Cali‘s huge black uncut dick and both men want to taste of Armond‘s sweet ass. READ MORE

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Colby Tucker is suffering from a broken heart so he’s shirking his responsibilities at the office.

When Zario Travezz shows up at his house to get some paper signed, he’s not too happy to find Colby wallowing in his self pity.

After some intense back-and-forth, the two men become heated and soon the heat translates into a hot fuck.

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What is he really like? Adrian Hart, digs deep when he interviews basketball Star, Deep Dic.

When the questions get boring, big D takes out his big D and Adrian can’t wait to get on that huge cock.

It barely fits in his mouth and just barely makes it in his ass.

Adrian is ready to take every inch of Deep Dic and the interview is a success.

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D’Angelo Jackson is a handsome man, he doesn’t have to pay for sex.

He wants it how he wants it and sometimes you have to pay for what you want.

That doesn’t mean you always get what you pay for.

Taylor Reign shows him, with his mouth and ass, that having the best of both worlds, is worth all the money in the world.

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Adrian Hart is doing his new job of house sitting for people in California.

He’s on one of his first jobs settling into the beautiful home when Jaxx Maxim enters thinking he is supposed to be watching the home.

Oh no a double booking.

The two men, neither one wanting to give up the job stay and stay out of each other‘s way until they can’t take the sexual tension anymore and end up sucking dick, eating ass and fucking their brains out. READ MORE

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Posted in NOIRMALE

Wesley Woods and Deep Dic have been best friends since high school.

When their wives decide to have a gender release party the two men decide to pregame before going.

Spending time together makes them re-Kindle old thoughts and fantasies.

These two hung studs, Pick up right where they left off, on each other’s dicks.

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