Calvin Collins

When this hottie Calvin Collins gets bored and finds himself alone, he likes to play with his hard cock.

Honestly, no one can blame him since he’s truly a beautiful, dark-skinned and toned sight to behold.

He pops his big dick out of his tight, white briefs and starts masturbating with a flesh-light, moaning softly as he gets closer and closer to cumming.

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Str8 Chaser: Ashton

When my takeout delivery guy, Ashton, told me he hadn’t made any money all night, I offered him a 100% tip if he’d let me grab his dick.

He was quick to take the cash, but this bashful twink seemed surprised when I actually felt his cock.

He was still interested in getting more money, and came inside to take off his shirt and flash his ass.

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Philip Logan, J.P Philips

J.P. Philips plays with his man Phillip Logan’s nipples as Phillip jacks off J.P.’s dick, moving lower to suck it.

J.P. takes a turn deep throating Phillip’s tool, then eats his ass, making the sexy top moan.

Phillip opens up J.P.’s ass with his tongue and the pair 69 before Phillip fucks J.P. doggy style.

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Alex Meyer, Leo Silva

At first, it seems like the park is gonna be a bust until Leo walks around the corner.

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Philip Logan, J.P Philips

Cute J.P. Philips and sexy bald Philip Logan strip out of their underwear but leave on their shiny black leather boots.

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Pupcheer, Tank Joey

Tank Joey is doing some construction when Pupcheer comes to see what he’s up to.

His muscular lover being up on the ladder puts him in just the right position for Pup to eat Tank’s ass and suck his cock.

Tank bends over the workbench so Pup can finger his ass and fuck him bareback doggy style.

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Pupcheer, Tank Joey

Jetsetting, bearded babes, Tank Joey and Pupcheer, have some time before their flight leaves and they’re already ready for takeoff.

They sneak into an airport washroom together and strip down, showing off their muscular tattooed forms for their camera phones as Tank sucks Pup’s big dick.

Pup lubes up Tank’s ass and fucks him doggy style, then jacks off both their cocks.

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Str8 Chaser Blake, Str8 Chaser Ellis

I spotted Blake getting some sun at the park and just had to get closer to this cutie.

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Pupcheer, Tank Joey

After working out in the hotel gym, muscular hotties Pupcheer and Tank Joey decide to have a little fun before heading back to their room.

Tank flashes his hard cock and his ass at Pup, and Pup sucks Tank’s cock in the elevator.

Then they look for a more secluded spot where they’re not likely to be interrupted and find the perfect fuck spot in the stairwell.

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