Czech Hunter 714

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CzechHunter says: Hottie tattooed straight young dude big uncut dick fucks my tight asshole at Czech Hunter 714 Another delightful summer day, another adorable man to penetrate. I encountered him during a stroll. A man on his way home from work, he appeared somewhat exhausted. He was employed at a corner store, an occupation he abhorred completely. He had unquestionably more enjoyable labor in store for him. I merely needed to present him with currency, and his attention was immediately captured. As the pathway was congested with individuals, we sought solace in a nearby forest. Although my new acquaintance asserted that he was heterosexual, financial considerations made him somewhat ambivalent on the subject. Following a game of deceit, he seized my currency, knelt, and licked my horny boner. It was somewhat difficult to insert it into his anal because he had never had anything in there before. In order to maintain my desire for enjoyment, I lied down and consented to his genital mutilation. His dong was quite large, making it difficult for him to endure the beating.

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