Trevor Harris, Pierce Paris

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Closetted young gay man Elijah Smith (Trevor Harris) is living the perfect daytime nightmare.

Elijah’s mother Elizabeth is overpowering and controlling and just happens to be devoutly religious into the bargain. And of course, young Elijah is doubting his sexuality and thinks that he is gay.

He’s been looking at guys a lot and jerking off to those thoughts of hot men taking advantage of him.

He desperately wants to feel the full power of a man enter him and fuck his tight virgin ass. But he has a plan.

Not able to come out to his parents, Elijah runs away to Vegas to live his authentic life.

When he meets Jimmy Carpenter (Pierce Paris), Elijah learns about the Real Sin City and feels a real man’s erect dick open up his hole until he’s blowing his load uncontrollably spraying jizz all over the place.

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