Marcus Rivers, Dillon Stone

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Fun Size Boys says: Young smooth pup Marcus Rivers’s bare asshole fucked by grey fox Dillon Stone’s massive thick dick.

Mr. Stone was used to clients having natural, spontaneous erections during a massage. This was normal, and the experienced masseur would never draw attention to it, as most times a client’s erection faded as they got used to his touch.

However, during their first encounter, Mr. Stone couldn’t ignore that Marcus was erect for the entire session. The coy little guy even made hard eye contact with him at several intervals during the appointment.

As Mr. Stone began the second, more intensive deep tissue massage, he silently thrilled at the sound of the petite twink’s soft sighs.He observed that Marcus had already closed his eyes in deep relaxation.

Marcus was in heaven, but still cognizant of something quite different about Mr. Stone’s approach this time around. The boy had his eyes mostly closed, but he could tell that the beefy masseur wasn’t wearing pants.

Just a skimpy pair of boxer briefs and a thin, white tank top. And the older gentleman was sporting an enormous hard-on! Mr. Stone directed young Marcus to remove the towel and flip over onto his back.

The tiny twink did so in an instant. Unsurprisingly, the boy was rock hard and drooling precum. Mr. Stone wanted nothing more than to lick Marcus’s dick clean, but there were still so many other parts of the boy’s anatomy for the masseur to tend to, first.

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