Andrey Vic, Philipp Wants

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Andrey Vic breeds Philipp Wants’s ass and roughs him up good.

Sometimes French gay men are as extra sensual as they are piggish and hungry for cock.

While Andrey Vic was visiting friends in France, he was messaged by Philipp Wants on Grindr, and Philipp was upfront about what he wanted to get his ass destroyed by Andrey Vic’s fat uncut Ukranian cock.

Philipp Wants begs Andrey Vic to bust a nut using his French ass like a sex toy, and that’s exactly what Andrey Vic does.

After all, he loves it when a guy begs for his seed it turns him on all the more.

It also guarantees he will rough you up more.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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