Leo Rosso, Ruslan Angelo

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Sexy young muscle hunk Ruslan Angelo is sunbathing by the pool naked when his well-known philanthropist BF Leo Rosso arrives already dressed in his smart designer suit for the award ceremony this evening.

He asks Ruslan to hurry up as they are going to be late, but Ruslan prefers to stay out in the sun instead of attending some boring drinks party.

Realizing that he has seriously pissed off Leo he heads indoors to try to make amends.

He sits there naked as Leo slides his dress socks onto his feet and helps him into his shirt and tie.

As Ruslan slips on his suit pants we see he is going commando (wearing no underwear) and as he pulls on his jacket, Leo reaches over for a kiss.

The passion grows and they hug and feel each other’s hot bodies under their smart clothes.

Leo now on his knees touches Ruslan’s crotch and can feel his big dick already getting hard and tenting his suit pants.

Ruslan then undoes his pant fly and his big thick uncut cock flops into view and Leo sucks it right to the back of his throat.

Leo swallows his engorged dick till his balls are on his lips making Ruslan moan in ecstasy.

Ruslan then returns the favor blowing Leo’s hot erect cock and exposing his hot bubble butt as he drops his suit pants.

Leo fingers his ass hole before sliding his huge dick between Ruslan’s ass cheeks and bareback fucking his bare hole.

With Ruslan braced against the wardrobe Leo power fucks his asshole, showing no mercy and forcing his cock deeper and harder into him.

Ruslan then sucks Leo’s dick before he fucks him again this time getting close to orgasm Leo pulls out and showers Ruslan’s asshole with his load.

Before fucking his cum back inside as Ruslan loses control and sprays jizz all over his abs and chest. Both sexy suited men lie in each others’s embrace as they recover from their athletic fuck fest.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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