Cristiano, Nick Cranston

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At the barbecue, when Cristiano first sees his mom’s new partner, he has the impression that he is a muscular, towering hottie.

Nick Cranston could be a bit queer, so he decides to put it to the test by sucking and deepthroating an ear of corn in front of Nick to see how he reacts before grabbing a handful of Nick’s buns.

Nick Cranston passes the exam. Nick is aware of just which sausage Cristiano is looking for, and the bottom blows him covertly in front of neither his best friend nor his mother.

The top sucks Cristiano before fucking him in a doggystyle and a missionary position.

Cristiano climbs to the top in order to ride Nick’s flagpole.

He then implores the top to continue beating him against the wall until he has an orgasmic reaction and cums over his face.

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